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NDIBS  is committed to excellence not only in the workplace but also in the community. It is our responsibility to provide leadership and give back to the community as much as we possibly can. In recent years, NDIBS has led or participated in many successful events from trade shows, open houses, seminars, community fairs, and educational activities.  We are excited to list the following events we will be participating in for 2012
For more information regarding the time and place of these events, please visit our calendar page. If you have any questions or concerns, please Contact Us.

Our prime focus is providing independent fire safety assessments and as such we have no interest (apart from identifying deficiencies) in any fire protection services maintainer.

We conduct these due diligence assessments for customers such as: City of Sydney (their entire owned property portfolio), NSW State Property Authority Government Office Buildings including agency occupied buildings, plus many institutional facilities owners and managers covering commercial, retail, industrial, health care, residential high rise and educational (we provide this service for Santa Sabina & Santa Maria Del Monte College Campus at Strathfield as well as other campus’). Our background in building services engineering and facilities management gives us the ability to appropriately assess all essential services elements.

For these customers, we deliver the endorsed annual fire safety statement for all performing issues, provide a report detailing the performance of the fire protection service providers, any issues that are observably or measured deficient and requiring remediation, suggested enhancements to reflect Accessibility, OH&S, etc. and liaise with the Council’s Regulator.

Our customers have recognised that having these assessments conducted independently have resulted in the identification of numerous deficiencies on those buildings where we were engaged. They also realise that the skillset for those conducting servicing and maintenance is usually somewhat less than the assessor with knowledge of not only current BCA and standards, but of those building codes (ordinance 70, Ministerial Specifications, etc) and standards appropriate to when the equipment was installed. Most service technicians also have been found to have no interest in pointing out defects or enhancements. It is believed that adopting the independent assessment approach for any diligent building owner, and especially those subject to scrutiny, is something that they should adopt.

As part of our service, we verify that the fire safety schedule reflects the installed standard and where there is no schedule listing, we shall identify what would be appropriate. In addition we carry out the nominated annual survey (but not testing except where verification is prudent) as part of our assessment.

As you are possibly be aware, the current draft of AS1851-2012 is in the final countdown for publication and it has been purposely written to allow legislation to call up this standard as a requirement. This shall make AS1851-2005 obsolete upon publication and there are some significant changes which do effect building owner’s responsibilities. Note that we are part of a Standards Australia technical committee contributing to the development of this standard as well as a number of others and this places us in a position of being able to assist our customers with arising issues. We can also present on this topic (usually done as a value add for customers) as well as presentations on:

  • Legionella control workshop re. AS/NZS3666-2012
  • Premises access for impaired (this legislation is required for all new work including fitout since May’11 and has a significant impact on common areas)
  • Why independent assessment of fire safety based on AS4655 is the diligent approach.
  • Asbestos awareness
  • Emergency training and procedures workshop re AS3745-2010
  • Basic food handling & food outlet safety (storage, temperature, segregation & signage) Storage & associated handling of hazardous materials
  • Building services and infrared thermography (why it’s prudent to use those with engineering background and not to leave it to an electrician, though electrical accreditation is essential).
  • We can provide slide notes should you be genuinely interested, etc. It also gives you an idea of the timing pertaining to the presentation, but this depends upon the technical requirements of the audience (property manager are rarely interested in the microbiology of legionella, but it’s good to flick through to identify that this has been considered – e.g. the Legionella workshop).
  • The prime services that we provide are:
  • AS4655 based independent fire safety audits of buildings and Annual Fire Safety Statement, endorsing performance of capable measures detailed on the building’s fire safety schedule.
  • Identification assessment of the standard of performance for installations (Ord.70, BCA, Australian Standards & NFPA or alternate referencing)
  • Assistance with the development of tactical fire plans to reflect Fire & Emergency requirements including smoke hazard management.
  • Infrared thermography condition assessment of plant & equipment (including pumps, motors, refrigerant compressors, cooling towers, pipework (deadlegs), hot water systems, heat loss (building fabric, glazing, etc.) and thermal stratification checks.
  • Cooling tower risk assessment and review (Legionella).
  • We provide building services support and are aligned with WebFM who conduct property budget forecast planning to many Government & Institutional Owners through their MPlan Product as well as assist with online O&M Manual preparation and production with their OM-Track product.
  • Development of site specific service agreements (for all building services) reflecting current minimum best practice maintenance standards and legislation. Consider using our fire protection scope or our Mechanical Services HVAC scope as these reflect the latest maintenance standard AS1851-2012 (and for Mechanical HVAC we include and reflect AIRAH DA.19 for non essential service measures. Other areas covered are Electrical Servicing - reflecting AS2293.2-1995 (emergency lighting & exit signs) & AS3760 (residual current protection devices and portable appliances), Standby Power Systems reflecting AS/NZS3010-2005 (servicing provisions) and where applicable AS/NZS3009 (Standby power in Hospitals).

If you have any queries about any of the services that we provide, or sample of the style of reports that we provide, please contact us.

Ian Childs
Building Services Engineering & Compliance Consultants
P.(02)9594-4477 M.0414-472-042






For SBSE/CIBSE events - see

The Portside Centre,
207 Kent Street, Sydney.

1st Tues month Feb~Nov
5:30pm for 6pm start


For SFS events - see

usually - Engineers Australia Auditorium
8 Thomas Street, Chatswood



For all listed Engineers Australia (Sydney) events - see

 Check event calendar location



for AMCA Fire Damper Certifier training dates and enrollment see

For AMCA FireDamper Installers Workshop dates & enrollement see

Note that these courses are often enrollment driven, especially outside of NSW, so call and enquire of your local AMCA office.

 NSW - NECA Building G, Chullora TAFE Worth Street Chullora.

Other States - contact the local AMCA Office.

See enrollment











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